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Recent advancements in laser tattoo removal technology have made it easier than ever to give your skin a fresh start!

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Breakthrough Technology for Faster Tattoo Removal

Unlike other nano lasers, PicoSure® doesn’t rely on heat to remove your tattoo. Our state-of-the-art tattoo removal laser’s beam is so concentrated that it breaks tattoos into dust rather than small particles. This means your tattoo is removed more quickly and with less downtime than with other lasers!

Another great advancement in laser tattoo removal technology is the increased level of success with removing more stubborn ink colours, like greens and blues. Even old tattoos can be treated with this advanced technology.

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Break Free Of Q-Switched Lasers

For Results Like You’ve Never Seen Before…

Have you gone for a tattoo removal treatment only to be disappointed with the result? Q-Switched lasers have been considered the gold standard in tattoo removal for the past several years, using thermal energy to break apart ink particles into pebbles, which are then absorbed into the skin. With PicoSure®, ultra-short and extra-fast pulses hit the ink of your tattoo with more pressure, breaking the ink into dust which is more easily absorbed and eliminated from your skin.

With PicoSure®, the most advanced laser for tattoo removal, our breakthrough technology means you can erase unwanted tattoos for good!

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